Heather Osmond, Come on down!

Those immortal words were spoken on the iconic game show “The Price is Right,” giving Osmond instant cool cred.

But She didn’t stop with Bob Barker (or winning that car). Osmond has become one of Utah Valley’s Design queens by growing and expanding her award winning Osmond Designs in a down economy – even opening a second store.

And if that weren’t cool enough, a few years ago she was the winner of the Mrs. Utah Pageant – and went on to score in the top 15 in the Mrs. America Pageant.

Here she is…

Time you wake up/go to bed.

I’m an early-to bed, early to rise person!

Favorite business book.

“Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn, serve and grow. I’m often surprised at what I can accomplish by taking a leap of faith.

Favorite lunch spot.

One that serves quality sushi – cooked, of course!

Favorite phone app.

I recently discovered the voice texting app. I love it!

Most-played track on your ipod.

My husband, Jared Osmond, just released a new album he wrote for me. I listen to it all the time. We sell it at both Osmond Design stores. I’m just saying…

Biggest pet peeve.

Not having enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

Favorite color.

It changes with the seasons. Fall: rusty reds, warm oranges. Winter: winter whites, holiday reds and greens. Spring: cool greens and blues. Summer: warm yellows.

Favorite movie.

“Miss Congeniality.” I laugh just thinking about it.

Favorite TV show.

I still love “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” A few years ago, Oprah flew the entire Osmond family to Chicago to celebrate 50 years in show business for the Osmonds. What a family reunion!

Favorite superhero.

Wonder Woman – because I love her shoes, of course.

Car you drive.

I am a mother of four kids braving Utah weather- an SUV!

Most rewarding moment of your professional life.

The friendships I enjoy by helping builders and homeowners even years after their homes are finished.

Leadership style.

Hire the best people in the industry, then give them the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

For a deadline, do you stay up late or wake up early?

I call my army of friends to get things done on time. I plan ahead. I do not procrastinate.

Biggest business blunder.

That I didn’t open Osmond Designs sooner! We would have saved so much money in furniture and accessories.

Type of person you were in school.

I was the textbook version of an overachiever.

Why are you an entrepreneur?

I cannot think of any other profession where you have the flexibility and the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides. I love the excitement of creating a business in a field that I am passionate about. I love providing employment for people I love associating with.

This article ran in Utah Valley’s BusinessQ winter of 2011 naming Heather Osmond one of Utah Valley’s 10 coolest entrepreneurs.